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Is B2B for Me?

We know customers. The majority of the interactions we make are B2C (business-to-consumer). Although we’re comfortable and confident with that type of business, GCS has the skill set and knowledge to handle multiple verticals. B2B (business-to-business) contact center environments differ from the traditional B2C side of customer interactions. Both focus on relationship management, but B2B […]

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Even Google Understands the Value of Dialog with Your Customers

I recently read an article about Google and their roll out of contact center support of their AdWords service. The article is a reminder of how important solid customer service is and how, when done right, the experience can transform a perceived cost center into a real revenue opportunity. Previously Google used email and an […]

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You never know who’s watching…

When I was a cheerleader in high school and college, my coaches would always say, without fail “You never know who’s watching.” Well, you never know how true this is until someone surprises you. On July 11th, I spent the entire day with United Way. Since GCS contributes to the United Way campaign every year, […]

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Perceptions & How We Present Ourselves

Last week GCS had the opportunity to sit down and examine the progress we were making towards altering our language to be more performance centric;  focused on communication and presentation skills.   This has been a long term transformation initiated two years ago.  Another piece in this puzzle is examining how we are presenting ourselves […]

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The Power of a Brand.

GCS has been in the process of re-branding itself for quite some time now.  We’ve got the foundation in place and we are doing a terrific job of following through with our usage & attitudes. Over the last several months we’ve been traveling to many of the centers to inform all of our associates about […]

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Our Flickr Account

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Now, I’m Branded.

Most people don’t realize it but a lot goes into the look of a company. It’s not just about a cool logo or a catchy slogan, it’s about the message that resonates within us. On January 19th and 20th, members of the marketing team visited the Mt. Hope facility to formally rollout the new GCS […]

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