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Is B2B for Me?

We know customers.

The majority of the interactions we make are B2C (business-to-consumer). Although we’re comfortable and confident with that type of business, GCS has the skill set and knowledge to handle multiple verticals.

B2B (business-to-business) contact center environments differ from the traditional B2C side of customer interactions. Both focus on relationship management, but B2B often requires a higher degree of selling skill and knowledge to be successful. There are often multiple contacts within an organization and getting to the decision maker is more complex. It also requires a higher-level of professionalism and integrity.

B2B is a big target for GCS expansion for a lot of reasons. B2B represents a huge market. Contacts are done during the day. There are no existing business guidelines. Plus, clients want leads!

B2B telesales is rapidly expanding as face-to-face contact is declining. Almost 80% of sales people will do anything not to have to prospect for new business, so they are willing to pay for lead generation. According to the Direct Marketing Association, B2B companies spend upwards of $27.9 billion in telesales services. Top sales people command a high salary and companies want them on the phone with legitimate prospects, not spending hours cold calling. That is where we can come in.

B2B companies outsource their telesales efforts to:

  • Increase their profits
  • Determine qualified leads
  • Increase brand awareness

Businesses look to outsource these services because they need to get the most out of every conversation, gain valuable information, and generate effective marketing lists. In fact, the DMA states that $17.5 billion is spent generating sales leads, and this trend won’t decline, because the leads generated from a live associate is more qualified and legitimate.
An associate working on a B2B program assists the client by verifying information, collecting new data, like email addresses and interest levels. The focus is on call quality and significance rather than the number of calls per hour. GCS is prepared to take on the changes a B2B program introduces. We have the talent, the resources, and the interest, to help provide excellent support for B2B programs. Our quality assurance department can verify the leads we generate and ensure the highest quality, most cost-effective interactions possible.

While we will still be successful with B2C programs, we can grow faster by adding B2B interactions.

Even Google Understands the Value of Dialog with Your Customers

I recently read an article about Google and their roll out of contact center support of their AdWords service. The article is a reminder of how important solid customer service is and how, when done right, the experience can transform a perceived cost center into a real revenue opportunity.

Previously Google used email and an online help center to handle support tickets for AdWords. This process was criticized for lacking urgency and personalization. However, this year Google decided to invest in a contact center project to help improve support and create a more personal connection – thus improving customer loyalty.

By opening up a dialog channel with their customers, they are able to create opportunities not possible just through email or a database of answers. The calls provided Google with real conversations that gave them immediate insight into the needs of their customers and a personal pathway for offering solutions. This communication helps improve future support and creates new marketing opportunities.

In an effort to reduce costs, many companies continue to push customers away from contacting them through a live, telephone interaction. But this is looking only at one side of the equation. This lack of personalization also reduces opportunities to create loyalty and build relationships with their customer that can fuel additional sales. In this current slow-moving economy, this story should remind businesses that a properly trained contact center agent can actually deliver ROI through many CRM opportunities. Contact Center Services (like those of GCS) not only provide lower cost contact center solutions, they also provide the skill and training to delight the customer and increase revenue from those same customer calls. As Google has found out, true customer satisfaction comes from multiple channels of engagement that meet the desires of the customer. And sometimes, they just want to talk to you.

Please contact me more information.

You never know who’s watching…

When I was a cheerleader in high school and college, my coaches would always say, without fail “You never know who’s watching.” Well, you never know how true this is until someone surprises you.

On July 11th, I spent the entire day with United Way. Since GCS contributes to the United Way campaign every year, I was asked to serve on the Allocations Committee in order to oversee the distribution of United Way funds to local agencies.

The committee is comprised of about 10 people from all walks of life: an IT director at a local community college, a salesman, a loan officer, etc. One gentleman sat down beside of me during our tour of the local YMCA. I remembered him saying he was the Chief Chaplain at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Salisbury. He asked me what company I worked for and I told him-Global Contact Services.

Immediately, his brow furrowed and his eyes narrowed.

“Is it located in West Virginia?” he asked.

Stunned, I said “Yes! We have a few sites in West Virginia.”

Now, around Salisbury, if you tell people you work for GCS, they just assume it’s the local Salisbury office, so, to hear a complete stranger tell me he had heard and seen a couple of our sites in West Virginia was amazing!

He then explained to me that he used to travel a lot with the VA through West Virginia and remembers seeing GCS during that time.

I was amazed at how small the world started to seem. GCS isn’t the biggest company out there but what we do have is quality: quality associates, quality sites and a quality mission. I hope that whoever passes by one of our sites or interacts with our company in whatever fashion, has a positive memory of their interaction. What’s the moral of the story? You never know who’s watching you at GCS; therefore, you always have to give them something great to remember.

And just so he won’t ever forget us, I left him with my GCS pen.

Perceptions & How We Present Ourselves

Last week GCS had the opportunity to sit down and examine the progress we were making towards altering our language to be more performance centric;  focused on communication and presentation skills.   This has been a long term transformation initiated two years ago.  Another piece in this puzzle is examining how we are presenting ourselves to potential clients.  Our  CEO, Greg Alcorn has this to say about altering our presentations.

Sometimes using different words to describe the same thing gives you a different attitude about the offer. We provide outsourced teleservices; no, it’s customer care.

In our most recent sales meeting, we used more new terms to help describe our business model. In striving to create more depth and diversity of accounts, we need to build our network of product buyers, as well as service buyers. Instead of mainly talking to buyers of outsourced teleservices, we’re establishing relationships with direct response decision makers, too.

During our sales meeting, we learned that buyers like demos more than long PowerPoint presentations about your company history and capabilities. We plan to add audio content in our sales presentations, our webinars and on our website. We want to preach what we practice.

Our new marketing approach follows the inside-out approach. Over the last two years, we have
changed our language internally to become more performance-centric and focused on communication and presentation skills. Our supervisors are committed to allocating 80% of their time to monitoring and coaching. I have made a commitment to counting monitoring forms at the beginning of each day before reviewing any production numbers like hours or conversion rates.

Our language change internally has transformed our language we use with our clients and prospects externally. Yes, we’re preaching what we practice And that’s creating a whole new attitude about our company.

The Power of a Brand.

GCS has been in the process of re-branding itself for quite some time now.  We’ve got the foundation in place and we are doing a terrific job of following through with our usage & attitudes. Over the last several months we’ve been traveling to many of the centers to inform all of our associates about our new brand.  Read more about that in this post!

In our presentation I always like to address the power that a brand actually holds over a company. Both good and bad, your brand (all the associated thoughts, feelings & images) are intrinsically tied to your company, your services, your products.  I often point to Toyota, as they’ve had so much media coverage recently about their recalls. Consumers no longer trust Toyota the way they used to….

I was prompted to expound on this effect after coming across Rich Tehrani’s article entitled : Dell, Toyota, BP : Sometimes a Reputation Can’t Be Repaired. It’s a quick but poignant read about the time and effort that is put into building trust with the public (that trust is part of the foundation of your brand!)… and what happens when that trust is broken. Rich suggests that you can’t repair the sort of damage that companies like Dell, Toyota & BP have done to their brand. I’m not entirely sure I agree, but all of these scenarios speak volumes to the power of a company’s brand, and in my future presentations I will be mentioning BP as an example of how a company’s entire image can be ruined by one small action or inaction.

Actions speak louder than words.

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Now, I’m Branded.


Most people don’t realize it but a lot goes into the look of a company. It’s not just about a cool logo or a catchy slogan, it’s about the message that resonates within us.

On January 19th and 20th, members of the marketing team visited the Mt. Hope facility to formally rollout the new GCS logo and mission statement to its employees.

Vice President of Marketing George Simons and Holly Czuba executed a presentation explaining the benefits of branding for the employees, company and clients and explained the meaning behind the GCS mission and logo. The presentation is designed to make employees aware of what a brand is, what the GCS brand consists of and how they play a role in its success.

The process of creating a new logo and brand has been in the works for well over a year. The ideas of many have finally come to fruition and GCS now has an updated look, feel and attitude that will certainly be noticed by others in the marketplace.

The new logo has been well-received and positive feedback about the new look and mission statement is ever-flowing. There is a lot of room for creative ideas and fresh concepts with the arrival of this new era at GCS.